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Washroom facilities bring clean water and safety to deprived Christians of Clarkabad


BPCA has been working on a clean water project from the disenfranchised Christians of Clarkabad a small village where few Christians have access to clean water. Christians here are known to drink water from irrigation fields, puddles by slurping water through a handkerchief for the sake of purity and from streams.  As you can imagine the lack of clean water source has meant that life expectancy is low and the spread of waterbourne illnesses such as TB, Dengue Fever and malaria (mosquito-bourne) has been a prevalent feature of local society.

The rural village named after a British missionary is heavily populated with Christians and it is believed close to 100,000 live there. Our project once complete will provide access to clean water shower and toilet facilities in a public facility in the heart of the rural community that will serve up to around 1000 people. A small fraction we know but we hope this is just a small start for this work and that others will help donate towards this project so that we can expand it and eventually ensure that every Christian in the community is served with clean water and the improved health and hygiene that this introduces, as well as the safety for women who would otherwise be vulnerable in fields when seeking to use a toilet a night.

Local people have been very excited by this initiative and many have already committed themselves to keep the washrooms clean and also to maintain it on a daily basis.

Once complete we hope to update you with images of the completed project, but in the meanwhile we share images of the work in progress.  Please pray for rapid completion and for the facilities to extend the healthy lives of all that use the new facilities.

If you would like to donate towards clean water washroom facilities for Christians in Clarkabad or other regions, please donate by clicking (here)

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