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Where is Asia Bibi?


There have been many inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Asia Bibi's family to both the charities and governments around the world.

Understandably it is difficult to be patient with an innocent woman still being restricted in her movements nd prevented form getting on with her life because of the outcry of extremists. However, the general belief among the world leaders who have registered concern is that we need to be just that and let the judicial process run its course. 

Keri-Lynn Gibbs BPCA representative in Canada said:

"For example, I was asked by the Huffington Post (Canada) whether I was in touch with the family and though I have not personally spoken with them directly certain team members handle communication with them. I after all do not speak Urdu so I would not be the best person for that task.

"I also do not know the exact whereabouts of the family, but I understand them to be in a safe place and not under the pressure of relocating from house to house as they once were. 

"Basically the government has needed to keep her under lock and key just to keep Asia Bibi safe, but first things first she needs to be able to leave before they all can benefit from any offer of asylum. 

BPCA has been in contact with the family of Asia Bibi and spent time with them this fall in during a speaking tour in the UK just before the appeal was heard.

In September Wilson Chowdhry and his daughter Hannah met Ashiq Masih and his daughter Eliasham and the two young women presented together at an event highlighting Christian persecution in Pakistan. Ms Gibbs explained

"BPCA involve ourselves in a lot of intense and time pressured communications work and I actually take great pains to not know unnecessary information. If it is unnecessary for me then it goes to follow that is only necessary to those in direct contact with those concerned.   

"After the judicial review was approved Asia Bibi's husband appealed for asylum to several western countries. BPCA was entrusted with this passionate plea for assistance and I personally uploaded it for the world to see.

As to whether there are any takers who are willing to offer Asia Bibi and her family asylum, she said further:

"We know about countries such as Australia and Italy who have offered asylum, and Canada has exhibited that openness as well. PM Trudeau said during his Remembrance Day visit to France that she would be welcome to apply for asylum in Canada."

"We are aware that several countries are willing to open their doors to the entire entourage, but ultimately they will not all be truly free until Asia Bibi is allowed to exit the country and her travel prohibition is lifted.

"After all this beleaguered family has been through they deserve to be together.

"Let's hope the judicial review goes well as there was another death sentence for 'disrespect against religion' and alleged 'blasphemy' passed down on two more people in December."

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