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Hammersmith, London: White single-mum complains of Muslim no go area after being persecuted because she sang Christian worship songs


A Christian woman who is also a Conservative candidate for the council ward of Shepherds Bush Green has complained that she is being targeted by Muslims for her faith. 

Liane Pibworth believes that a series of threats and attacks on her and her daughter are a direct result of the offence caused from her singing of Christian worship songs with her two young daughters.  Liane told BACA that this was raised as a concern by officers from Peabody Trust and Old Oak Housing Association, who are responsible for her housing.

Though most of her alleged persecution is enacted by one family Liane has been shunned by the rest of the Muslim community. She has stated that other non-Mulsim local people have also been alienated, as she has wrongly been labelled a racist and Islamophobe by the aggressive family and other members of the Muslim community. In her account she revealed that one local Pakistani Muslim shopkeeper also now refuses to serve her though she has had no direct issue with him.

Liane told BACA about an incident that happened In the summer of 2017, when a 13 year old Sudanese Muslim child from across their square came over to their home to speak to her daughter Clemantine and share an account of her running prowess. The pleasant natured youth went on to describe how she was the fastest runner in the borough. Sadly when Liane's direct neighbour shouted 'Get away from them, your not allowed to speak to them - Go back to your mother!" The child ran home and never communicated with them again. "It was clear she had broken a local Muslim pact",Liane said.

During her residency at a housing association accommodation over the last two years she has experienced a number of aggressive threats, some of which include the following separate incidents:

  • Being spat at multiple times
  • Rammed into with a trolley and also on separate occasions her dog was rammed into with trolley
  • Front door slashed
  • Her house was broken into and faeces was smeared under her bed, previously human faeces has been found before her door
  • Threatened by a Muslim gang member in a corner shop who said he would 'crack a jar over your head!'
  • Death threats received multiple times (one recorded)
  • Having liquid thrown over her and her daughters while relaxing in the garden
  • Her teenage daughter was frequently mobbed, threatened, abused verbally and blocked from entering her home and sustained injuries on several occasions
  • Her teenage daughter has been stalked and bullied 
  • Utterances of Islamic prayers outside her door
  • Vandalism of her CCTV to the point of non-functioning
  • Large flytip and rubbish left right outside her door and blocking her access ways
  • Clemantine being pelted with stones and chased until she sought protective shelter in a local shop.

Video of death threats shouted at Liane Pibworth

Liane complained about her concerns to the local police, social services and to Peabody Housing Trust via Old Oak Housing Association but says that they turned her complaints into allegations against her.  She has been accused of Islamophobia and of hate crimes and accused of harassment for lodging complaints against her Muslim neighbours. What is most alarming about this matter is that a good proportion of the calls made to local police were made by Liane's daughter who would have been 14 - 16 at the time and her need for protection seems to have been completely overlooked.

Liane obtained a Subject Access report from Hammersmith and Fulham's Children's services which revealed attempts by Muslim neighbours to label her as a 'demented Christian'. The caller alleged that Liane has thrown faeces and knives at her and is preaching against Islam door to door. Liane states that the caller falsely alleges that she has received a cease and desist order from local police who have visited her. We have asked the council if they investigated this allegation fully and if they have asked the local police team to confirm whether such cease and desist orders have been placed against Liane and await a response. 

It should be noted this complaint against Liane was lodged in October this year a good two and a half years after Liane had been raising complaints with the, housing association, police, social services, local Anti-social Behaviour Team and other council departments and for all intents and purposes seems to be retaliatory.

Because of the allegations of racism and Islamophobia laid against her Liane felt compelled to share details of one of her closest friends. BACA has viewed a letter confirming the friendship in which Idil Hassan confirms the help and encouragement that Liane gave to her.  Idil Hassan has now joined the UK armed forces and continues to maintain her friendship with Liane - we share her email with her permission.

She wrote:

Hello my name is Idil Hassan and I'm 20 years old. I know Liane and Honey because we lived at this hostel together and it was not a great place to stay and they've been very nice to me and my family they welcomed us and even helped us out when we needed it no matter what skin colour or religion we were. Me and my family are Muslim and they saw us as part of they family and something we would not have some food to eat and they would come down and give us food. Liane helped me out so much because i was at a good place at the time I was not at education and was trying to find work and she supported me. And we're still very close friend and try to see each other as much as possible. I'm currently in the British Army regular at [redacted]. 

Yours Sincerely
Idil Hassan
Even more compelling is the evidence provided by Wilfred Wong CBE anan international human rights activist, campaigner and fundraiser for persecuted Christians, who attended as a witness for Liane at meetings with Children's Services. He wrote:

What I recollect from the visits of the social workers from children's services to Liane Pibworth at her home are as follows:

a) The social workers mentioned that the complainants had alleged that Ms. Pibworth had preached Christianity in public and had been Anti-Islamic.

I found this astonishing since Liane Pibworth had done no such thing and since it is not illegal anyway, to preach Christianity in public.

I had the strong impression that the complainants were trying to stir up Anti-Christian hatred against Ms. Pibworth and divert attention away from their gross misconduct by "playing the religion card".

b) The social workers mentioned certain allegations that had been made that Ms. Pibworth was not caring properly for her children.

The social workers did not have any persuasive evidence at all, to support any of the allegations
against Ms. Pibworth, but were looking into the matter.

My understanding is that such allegations are completely baseless and do not have a shred of hard evidence to support them.

These allegations have been made as part of a malicious attack by some of Ms. Pibworth's neighbours against her.

I believe that this has also been done by the complainants in order to deflect attention away from their own actual neglect of their children and their actual failure to properly care for them.

In my view all these false accusations have been part of a vicious and long-running campaign of harassment and intimidation by some of Liane Pibworth's neighbours against her and it is a great pity that Hammersmith children's services has been manipulated and had its very limited time wasted by such a malicious agenda.

But I think that this also proves what great lengths some of Liane Pibworth's neighbours will go to in order to maliciously attack and undermine her.

Yours sincerely,

Wilfred Wong
It should be noted that Wilfred Wong is a Barrister and political activist and as such is well versed in British Law

Liane was forced to give her dog away to a friend after it was rammed into by a trolley and she began to suspect it was poisoned.

But it is not just Children Services that have overlooked Liane's claims of persecution.   In an email to the local Met Police and officer from Peabody Trust poured scorn on Liane's complaints about the constant blocking of her communal doorway by items placed there by her neighbour.  The officer in her email to the police which was copied to Liane, said:

"...I have spoken to the tenant at [redacted] regarding the storage of items in the porch or front garden areas, which she has agreed not to do. The tenant at [redacted] is often donated items by neighbours / friends which she sends to her family in Sierra Leone who are struggling as a result of the civil unrest and..."
The tone of the email suggests Liane is the problem and because of her alleged charitable deed the neighbour had some form of right approved by none other than the housing association, to block and keep items of any size and condition within an area that is communal.  This despite the obvious and possibly intentional grievance it caused Liane and her daughters, the potential safety risk and a considerable risk of pest contamination.

Liane believes her facebook has been hacked and that she is being stalked as a consequence of her reports to the housing association and now she is desperate to be moved away from the nightmare location as her 'quality of life is at it's lowest ebb'. 

In one of the incidents of harassment of the family they had a clear liquid thrown over them because they were playing Christian worship songs while resting in their garden. Liane is not sure what the liquid was but it had no odour or colour and she hopes it was just water, either way it was for the family a disturbing ordeal.

Liane has been opening her small home to visiting evangelists form a number of US ministries. On their return to her home often the visiting teams have experienced first-hand the deliberate attempts to cause Liane discomfort and fear. Despite their compelling evidence of the intimidation that Liane has had to suffer, Peabody Trust, and several council departments have failed to provide safety and security to her family.  Moreover the Housing Association have threatened to evict Liane from her home if she does not remove the CCTV camera from her communal porch area, despite evidence from footage having secured the conviction of one aggressor. This is despite Peabody Housing association knowing full well that her camera no longer works as it has been irreversibly damaged by her neighbours.  We attach copies of a letter from a member of the evangelical team, one letter from Lianes daughter and one letter from a friend from London at the end of this article for your perusal.

The strain of all the persecution has forced her 16 year disabled daughter to leave the family home and she is now staying with friends in a place she can now convalesce and is now attending a local college.  Liane has said this is not an ideal situation but one her family has been forced into due to the lack of support from statutory agencies and the inability of them to secure a favourable move away from her nightmare scenario.

BACA have put her in touch with the Pastor through whom they assisted the relocation of Nissar Hussain and are hoping that a long term relocation will be available to the family soon.  In the meanwhile BACA is writing to; Hammersmith and Fulham Council, the local police team, Peabody Trust and Old Oak Housing Association to enquire into the lack of support and help Liane has received.  As a Pakistani group we are convinced Liane is not a racist and seek clarification into why such allegations have been laid against Liane.

Juliet Chowdhry, trustee for the BACA, said:

"BACA is convinced that though the majority of Muslims in the UK are moderate in ther views, however areas exist where radicalised Muslims are creating no go areas for Non-Muslims. 

"In a recent case Nissar Hussain suffered 17 years of persecution and was eventually given two weeks to leave his home after the threat to his life became so significant, police felt they could no longer protect him or his family (click here).

"We have previously submitted reports to both the UK Home Office Enquiry on Islamophobia and to the UK Hate Crime Enquiry and have referenced such hatred as kaffirophobia. 

"Liane's concerns have fallen on deaf ears probably because in a nation where white people make up the majority it is hard to believe that such persecution exists.  

"Few lessons have been learned from the persecution of Nissar Hussain, from reports of hatred from other apostates (those who quit Islam) or from the localised grooming gangs that have destroyed many lives in various cities across the UK.

"Radicalisation is a real phenomenon and terrorism is still an imminent threat - the recent attack on London Bridge is a case in point.

"People of good conscience of all faiths must unite against such malice which threatens the community harmony Britain has thus far been a bastion for."

We as a group will be praying for Leanne and want to offer her further help. Liane is seeking a move away from her current residence and has even informed Hammersmith and Fulham that she would be willing to move away from London in her desperate attempts to get away. So far the council have offered no help with a move, quire conversely the Peabody Trust have informed her they will not be renewing her housing contract when it expires in three years.

We would like to help by raising enough funds for Leanne to have a deposit and a few month rent away from her current home after which she would then be able to reapply for housing benefit while she seeks employment with the help of the local pastor we have put her in touch with.  If you would like to donate to an appeal to provide her with the financial assistance to pay for a move you can donate (here).  If you can offer a safe home for Liane and her family to move to, as an alternative, please do get in contact with BACA.  

Letter from Sue Ferguson from evangelical team

Letter from daughter who was 14 at the time.

Letter from friend in London.

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