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Young BPCA volunteer Hannah Chowdhry wins prestigious Jack Petchey Award


A 13 year old volunteer for the British Pakistani Christian Association has attained a prestigious Jack Petchey Award for her sterling work towards improving global society and her community. Learn more about the awards (click here).

Hannah Chowdhry, who attends Kantor King Solomon High School in Barkingside, was notified of her selection for the award by the Jack Petchey Co-ordinater for the School, Miss Liu last week and was presented with a certificate.

Hannah was awarded for her work in galvanizing children of diverse faiths from her school who have been volunteering with the BPCA since December. The volunteers have been  involved with projects such as; creating a nativity display in our window (click here), building a database of local support for our charity, preparing and planning Redbridge Easter Parade (a free community event) and providing good company to elderly people at a local nursing home.  Last year Hannah delivered flowers to the High Commissioner of Pakistan, in memory of those who lost their lives in the Quetta bomb attack (click here).

Hannah was also actively involved in bringing a 100 year old replica of the 'Ilford Mammoth' to Redbridge Museum, after spearheading a campaign that was later supported by the Natural History Museum (click here). Hannah is still mentioned by the mammoth skull which is displayed within the main foyer of Redbridge Central Library.

She is also an Ambassador for the Redbridge Environmental Team and will be helping introducing a new borough-wide recycling programme to schools and faith groups across Redbridge.  During the Easter holidays, Hannah has also committed herself to reading recycling themed books to children at local libraries to support the recycling initiative. Hannah also led half-term art classes for primary-aged children  themed on the recycling programme and Easter.

Miss Samantha Liu a teacher at King Solomon High School and School Coordinater for the Jack Petchey Awards, said:

"Hannah Chowdhry (8K) has received a Jack Petchy award for her extensive volunteering efforts and her initiative to start a borough wide recycling program. Hannah is dedicated and passionate about the work that she does and is always taking on new and exciting projects. Well done Hannah!"

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