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BACA achieve 5 star food hygiene rating for homeless feeding centre!


BACA are proud to annouce that they have attained a level 5 during our food safety inspection.  An achievemnet that many professional restaurants would no doubt be proud of and an indication of the level of care we have put into maintaining the best and safest of conditions for our regular weekly homeless feed.  We may not be cordon bleu chefs but we sure cook a healthy dish!!!

Hannah Chowdhry and her close friend Claudia of Jewish origins have been volunteering at our homeless feeding centre with wonderful results. 
Despite being in the midst of GCSE's Hannah has committed several hours a week to the BACA and helped document our current food safety documents.  Moroever,  with her friend Claudia she has been cooking for homeless people from across London who have been attending our feeds and serving them with equal vigour.   To make the project work though she had attended regular Home Tech lessons at school Hannah also completed a level 2 food hygiene course.  She has been a remarkable asset to the project and our group and we have all been very proud of her.  Throughout the year Hannah has bene bringing in several volunteers from her school to help us with our varied projects.

Visitors to our centre discovered that Hannah was nominated for a community award and wanted to say something positive about her endeavours.  Here is a small clip of some of the strong feelings of support visitors have for Hannah:

Many of the homeless people we serve have been seeking help with the cost of Oyster cards and top-ups, bike locks and bike safety equipment.  These means of transport can be very vital for their survival, allowing them to get to feeding centres and overnight venues or in some cases to their safe rough sleeping locations.  We would like to provide them with more assistance but need your help to do so.  If you would like to donate to this project please (click here)

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