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Pregnant mother of 5 now separated from her husband receives deplorable housing treatment from Redbridge Council

Waste collected at the house of Mrs X during one clean-up. A Pakistani Christian woman who had suffered several years of a brutal marriage and was forced to separate from her husband, has been given a notice of eviction from her council property after a landlord got tired of her complaints of anti-social behaviour, linked to the removal of a dilapidated fence. Mrs X states that the property was a peaceful haven until the landlord removed the dangerously broken fence after she urged  Wentworths who were agents for Redbridge council, to seek repair of the fence that had become unsafe following a hurricane in January 2016. Both Wentworths and the landlord stated t...

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Royal wedding event provides counselling to broken people and food to the homeless

British Pakistani Christian Association collaborated with Ilford High Road Baptist Church, Palm Tree Ministries and the East Ilford Betterment Partnership to organise a Royal wedding event to inspire the diverse communities in Redbridge and create some community cohesion. During our event we held a royal wedding meal on the first date which was held on the Monday after the wedding, then throughout the week we held a friendship centre where people came to shere some tea, coffee, cake and conversation. From the Saturday through to Bank Holiday Monday the event contained a bouncy castle, hennah painting and art workshops for the numerous children star...

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