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Christmas came early for Redbridge Homeless


Christmas came early for over 50 homeless people in Redbridge after a meal consisting of roast turkey, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, boiled carrots, roast lamb with gravy, cranberry sauce and mint sauce was distributed by our volunteers.  The event which incuded live Christmas Carols was held on Saturday 12th December 2020.

A well decorated venue with a Christmas tree and a visit from Santa made sure that a homeless community often forgotten and extremely lonely during this period, were able to revel in the joy of the season.  

Many visitors queued up from 4pm for our 6pm opening and during their wait they were met by staff from Westminster Drug Project and Pastor Andrew Willis from Ilford High Road Baptist Church, who provided counselling and a friendly face to talk with.

Christmas gifts were provided by some local donors which included toiletries and warm weather gifts like gloves and woolly hats and Christmas crackers too. Ensuring that everyone who visited felt the special moment of joy that Christmas brings to community and families.

Even better we had many bibles on offer for free and 5 bibles were collected by members of the homeless community and others received prayers at their request. So many visitors were given spiritual and physical food in tandem. 

Our centre will continue over the Christmas holiday and a partner organisation the Seventh Day Adventist Church are to conduct the provision during this period. We need your help to buy food and to support the ongoing costs for our 'Meals for the Homeless' project.  Our foodbank serves food to dozens of families linked to local schools ensuring children are getting their essential nutrients especially over the cruel COVID Christmas we are experiencing this year.  Please donate to this work by clicking (here)

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