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Christmas lights and Nativity for first time ever at Chigwell Row


In previous years BPCA has led a Nativity project in Ilford but were very disappointed when in 2018 the figurines we purchased were smashed to pieces with baby jesus beheaded in a despicable act of vandalism.

This year Hannah Chowdhry has decided to support the introduction of a Nativity and Christmas Lights for her new town of Chigwell. The disappointment of the smashed Nativity and the recent vandalism of a church building not too far away in Chadwell Heath, suggest that Ilford may not be the safest place for an outdoor Christian display (click here)

Chigwell on the other hand is a quieter neighbourhood and so far Vicar Paula Preston from the historic church of All Saints which traces its beginnings to 1645 (click here), has fully supported the introduction of Christmas lights and a blow mould nativity, which is less easy to destroy. 

Reverend Paula, said:

"We at All Saints’ Church warmly welcome the opportunity to host the Chigwell Row Community Christmas lights on our site.

"It’ll be a privilege and a delight to have them here during the festive season and we pray that the hearts of everyone who sees them will be warmed."

She needs to raise £1363 to make this happen, which will allow her to install the first ever Christmas lights/nativity display in Chigwell Row ever.  Moreover, Hannah, then hopes to host a socially-distanced launch event with mince pies drinks during a prayer on the first day of Advent - 29th November 2020.

The special event will hopefully remind local people of the true meaning of Christmas and none of the lights will enforce the Santa Claus myth, but will contain imagery from the Biblical account of Christmas.

You can donate towards this project by supporting her Crowd Fund (click here)

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