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Christmas lights in Chigwell Row for first time ever thanks to Hannah Chowdhry


For the first time ever Chigwell Row a small village in Chigwell has large public Christmas lights thanks to the efforts of British Asian Christian Association's teenage volunteer, Hannah Chowdhry.

The lights were purchased and gifted to All Saints Church and put up by local volunteers, though Hannah and her friends also helped with installation and planning of the community launch day event, that was attended by over 100 socially-distanced people.

One of the main features of the lights is a beautiful star that sits on the top of a tower flag mast pf the church.  This was lit on the first day of advent and was introduced to a loud ringing of the church bells calling people to follow the star to Jesus. This video was shared at 4.30pm on a locall community chat group to let Chigwell people know about the star and the start of advent:

Sure enough by the full launch of the nativity and lights at the church grounds on 6th December 2020, many people had followed the glowing star to a wonderful event, receiving pre-packed mince-pies, fairy cakes with icing, mulled wine, tea or coffee as a gift for their efforts.  People were also welcomed to Christmas Carols and a craft stall.

Hannah Chowdhry, said:

"After our Jesus was beheaded in Ilford two years ago I wanted to restart the BACA nativity project in Chigwell.

"People really took to the idea and it became a very large and exciting event for the local community.

"Themes for the lights were strictly Biblical and people got to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

"With COVID-19 destroying so many aspects of Christmas it wa great to be part of the fight back.

"Jesus is my biggest hope against COVID-19 and having Him back as the focu for a Chigwell Christmas was really special."

British Asian Christian Association, will be feeding Homeless people across Redbridge during Christmas but we cannot do this without your help. If you would like to contribute to this essential work please donate by clicking (here)

Constructing stable for Chigwell Row nativity

Hannah cutting shingle for walls of stable despite Juvenile arthritis pain in her right arm

Please watch video

Hard effort yields good results

A team of community volunteers

Hannah and her friend Patrycja put icicle lights up

Teenagers enter church tower to install Christmas star

Taking a break while exploring church grounds...

Putting the Christmas star together before hoisting 30M strut onto tower flag mast.

Please watch video

Making sure the electrics work

Bell ringing to alert community to look towards the church for the Christmas star

At 4pm on 29th November bells were rung alerting people of the first day of Advent and our Christmas star

On Saturday 28th November Christmas Lights adorned the local shops.

Chigwell Row had never before had Christmas lights

Our Christmas star has become a beacon of hope for local people and highlights the importance of the Church at Christmas

At night the pole is not visible and our star is a bright shining light above the church.

Launch of the overall Christmas lights on 6th December 2020.

Only Biblical themed lights were used for our display.  No Santa.

A bright message of Merry Christmas adorned a tree on Church grounds.

The lights have become a focus point for Chigwell's Christmas celebrations placing All Saints Church right at the centre of things.

We did not forget the shepherds.

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