Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Help the homeless and give deprived children a chance to succeed by supporting our local community centre.


Help the Homeless this Christmas through our "Local Giving" profile:

British Pakistani Christians Ltd (BPCA) works on behalf of disadvantaged local people living in the Ilford wards of Redbridge, London. We support people of multiple faiths, cultures and racial groups to integrate into the community, to develop aspirations and realise those aspirations. Much of our work is undertaken in the Clementswood and Loxford areas – where levels of deprivation are high and there is a majority ethnic population with lack of integration of groups into the community. 

BPCA organises and runs charitable events for the benefit of local people. In doing so, we work with a wide range of public and voluntary sector partners. These include Redbridge Council, other local charities and community groups. 

Our services are delivered through the Clementswood Community Centre. All are community-focused and aimed at achieving engagement, social integration and safer, healthier communities. 

These  include:

• Commissioning and build of the Redbridge Peace Monument
• A series of community information events and BBQ’s
• Work with local police and Clementswood communities on Safer Neighbourhood Policing
• Mosaic art classes for children
• Engaging Volunteers in participation of events focused on lively, well-integrated and healthy society
• Regular Peace Events
• Sporting events – for parents and children and including football, hockey and basketball
• Queen’s Jubilee Street Party
• Work with the police and local authority in setting up ‘No Drinking Zones’ and appropriate signage. 

BPCA’s mission is to deliver safe, harmonious multi-cultural communities – where there are low levels of crime and people respect each other and work together to build better lives for themselves and others around them.

We also work with people who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and signpost to other organisations/ authorities who can help – such as local Housing Associations, Local Authority, Shelter etc. 

BPCA ‘s Members and member organisations are drawn from the local community and our work is delivered, managed and monitored by local people – many of whom volunteer their time to the Partnership.

We have just subscribed to the Local Giving Website who will double up to £60 of any of your donation to our work until the end of the month.    Why not help a homeless person by helping us provide shelter and food this winter?


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