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Laugh your way to confident English through revolutionary National English programme


BPCA wins contract to run Creative English - a national English language programme

Migrant communities in Redbridge are being encouraged to sharpen up their English skills by talking their way into better language and communication. The courses which are to be free of cost and will mainly operate from Clementswood Community Centre, 14a Connaught Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 !RN will help students enhance their conversational abilities through inventive learning aids like word cards, puppets, props and encouraging them to engage in real-life-situation scenario based training.

Creative English is a national community-based English language programme, administered by national network, FaithAction and funded by central Government. It has attracted the attention of successive Governments over the past five years because of its proven track record in giving learners the language they need for everyday situations and the confidence to use it.

Creative English was developed 10 years ago through Dr Anne Smith’s research with Queen Mary University of London, in partnership with learners. The programme therefore responds to the needs of learners, offering flexibility, practical relevance and the opportunity to build resilience. It recognises that everyone wants to belong – but if you can’t speak the language, you can’t join in. The course works because fun and laughter encourage classmates to relax with each other and learn. Practising English through improvisation builds confidence to use the language in life. It was independently evaluated by Coventry University in 2015 and has engaged over 6000 learners nationwide since 2013.

After just 10 weeks, 100% of Creative English learners say that their confidence to speak increases, 77% become confident to use English outside of class, while 57% report that they have been confident enough to venture out on their own for the first time.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said

“This creative English course with its focus on learning essential words that help in real life situations will provide great benefit to participants. Students will not only learn English, but through having tried and tested their new found language skills within a safe classroom setting, will have the confidence to use them in the course of their interactions with people elsewhere, responding to situations that they find themselves in every day.

"I would like to thank FaithAction for giving us this opportunity and we are very much looking forward to getting to know our participants and celebrating with them as they gain confidence."

Juliet Chowdhry, who will be the Course leader for the project at Clementswood Community Centre, said:

"It was not long ago that I came to the UK.  When I came to Britain even though I held a Bachelors degree I lacked the confidence to communicate with people, often fearful of the way my accent confused people. 

"Courses like these place people in a situation where they can practice using their language without fear, helped by others in a similar position and with an equal desire to improve. 

The course will of course stimulate good friendships but most of all it will let participants develop the confidence and skills to participate fully with their local community.  It will remove barriers and help build a more harmonious society in which people interact well with each other.

"I can't wait to start teaching people and hope many local people join us for what will prove to be a rewarding experience."   

Dr Anne Smith, Creative English author and Lead Creative English Trainer at FaithAction adds:

“It is life transforming when people who were feeling outside and on edge find a place of belonging and purpose. This can be done in a really safe and fun environment. Join and help your community to flourish. See them laugh their way to confident English!”

The courses will begin in July after 4 members of staff are trained at a national training programme in London in June.  BPCA is already placing people on a waiting list so that classes can begin as soon as the trainer training is completed.  If you would like to participate on the course please contact BPCA by calling 020 8514 0861 or alternatively email:  admin@britishpakistanichristians.org.

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