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Non-alcoholic Chill-out Lounge for teenagers launched in Ilford


On Friday 13th September 2019 Redbridge's first Non-alcoholic Chill-out Lounge will launch at Clementswood Community Centre on Connaught Road, Ilford.  The project itself was devised by volunteer Hannah Chowdhry (16 yrs) who was concerned about the lack of facilities for young people in the borough of Redbridge, especially ones that were 'relevant'.

Hannah, said:

"The project has been delayed due to lack of funding but we have managed to create a small kitchen at Clementswood Community centre and can use a small hall that will serve around 30 young people.

"Through contacts at my school I have been able to build up a small team of volunteers who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

"Visitors will have to pay a small entrance fee of £2 but that will include one free non-alcoholic cocktail.

"Food and snacks will be available at a cost but I don't think anywhere else can compete with our prices for sumptuous burgers and hot-dogs which will be sold for £1.70 each.

"It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to put their feet up and leave their teenage children in a safe supervised environment.

"Moreover, it will allow local youth in Ilford to use their Ipads, phones and play games using our electronic whiteboard, whilst socialising more communally with others of a similar age.

"We have a sound system and can also play music for those who want to dance or simply prefer a slightly noisier background.

"We hope having supervised arenas like this will get more young people off the streets and away from gang culture, while also promoting local unity."

A trial event was held on Friday 7th September and Saturday 8th September at the community centre and local teenagers were treated to free drinks and food.

If you are a parent and are thinking of sending your children to the chill-out lounge on Friday 13th September, please let us know as we would like to ensure we have appropriate levels of food and drink.

The proposed hours for the chill-out lounge are from 6pm -11pm however parents can collect, or advise children to start or leave at whatever time they find most suitable. The facility will serve young people aged 11-16 only and proof of age will be required on your first attendance.


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