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Our food bank continued operation during panic-buying thanks to generosity of local shops and schools.


British Asian Christian Association's local food bank in Ilford survived last week thanks to the generosity of a local bakers, who were forced to close down due to the pronouncement of a lockdown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Daile Bakes who are based on Plashet Road, East Ham, have been providing unsold cakes, bread, blocks of butter and cookies for distribution to our regular homeless and financially hard-up visitors to Clements Wood Community Centre.  

The small gift was a welcome respite to local residents struggling to make ends meet normally but under extreme financial pressure during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Juliet Chowdhry, said:

"Last week the gift from Chigwell primary and Infants school meant we were able to provide food parcels to our regular visitors despite a lack of donations from our regular givers. 

"This week Dalie Bakers have come to the rescue of struggling families and even visited us at our centre.

"Daile Bakers will be staying in touch with us after the current COVID-19 response is over, which has secured us a potential new donor - which is very good news.

Socially-isolated while waiting for cakes, butter and cookies.

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