Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Revisiting the new BACA homeless service since a short summer break

By Hannah Chowdhry It has been a while since I directly helped at the British Asian Christian Association 'Meals for the Homeless' project.  This is because I have been busy over the summer passing my CBT, revising my A Level courses and having some time out to relax. So you can imagine, I wanted to see what changes have been made to the service in my absence as we have now relinquished the property which is now with another Muslim charity who allow us free use of the building to continue our work. The charity are also collaborating with us by providing food on a monthly basis that compliments our foodbank serving local families with young...

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Distributing formerly loved items to deprived families who will cherish them

In a world with depleting resources it gives us so much pleasure to be able to share good quality items that still have a shelf life to needy families that not only appreciate them but cherish each gift.  This month some Asian donors have given some very high quality Asian clothes that families can use to wear on weddings and other special occasions such as going to church, which is still classed as special in Pakistan. Pakistani Christians have become an underclass in Pakistan, with only 7% attaining an adequate level of literacy, despite $billions of foreign aid funding from the US and UK, much of which is ostensibly provided to induce holi...

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Unwanted items become source of joy for deprived Christians in Pakistan

Image of trustee Juliet delivering bags of reusable itmes to our local cargo services provider. During the UK's second lockdown we sent 13 bags of clothes, toys, accessories and household goods to Pakistan.  Our main priority was to first distribute these items to homeless people in the UK before sharing what remains with Pak-Christians.  All the items will go to a number of needy people distributed through local partner churches in Lahore. We no longer have our community centre depot for collections and are looking into the possibility of placing an unwanted items recycling box somewhere in Redbridge and perhaps Chigwell.  ...

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The growing homeless community in Ilford are getting the benfit of COVID-19 tests and pathways to vaccination via BACA

BACA have continued to serve over 40 homeless people a week with food, clothes and other gifts donated by the local community.  Any gifts uncollected after 2 weeks are then packaged and sent to Pakistan via sea which takes a few months but is the cheapest option.  Our transport of good-condition, unwanted items to Pakistan ensures that nothing is wasted. Food is being made by our volunteers, members of the community, a restaurant and a church organisation and distributed three days a week.  We also hold  scheduled food banks for mothers with young children at SS Peters and Paul's School. Rajeshri Chouhan one of our reg...

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Succour for the Homeless

Image: Volunteer Rajeshri Chouhan with officer from Westminster Drug Project who regularly undertakes Lateral Flow Tests for COVID-19 with our visitors. British Asian Christian Association announced the termination of our 'Meals for the Homeless' Project for the end of April and we came very close to terminating due to a lack of volunteers. However after Al Bayan Welfare Centre (a local mosque), local churches and food businesses compelled us to continue and committed to providing food and free use of Clementswood Community Centre, we agreed to continue the work.  Professionally cooked food prepared by local restaurants has ...

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Flowers of Solidarity presented to Rabbi who was attacked in Chigwell

By Hannah Chowdhry After a Rabbi was attacked on Sunday 16th May at around 13:15 it made international news.  Police who investigated the attack have listed the crime as a hate crime but have said that the attack "is not based on attacks happening overseas or anywhere else in the country."  You can read a fuller account of the attack (here). A 15 year old and 18 year old have been arrested and charged with racially motivated assault (GBH with intent) and are still in custody. Redbridge Council's leaders Jas Athwal also sent out a message via his Twitter: The crime seems to be one linked to antisemitism and that for me was a ...

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As the nation mourns Prince Philip Hannah Chowdhry recalls the wonderful gift of his pioneering Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Image of Hannah Chowdhry with her DofE Silver Award Expedition compatriots. By Hannah Chowdhry The death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip of Denmark and Greece on 9th April 2021 only 2 months short of his 100th birthday, is a moment of great sadness for the UK.  The Government annouced an 8 day national mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh, which means we will not receive the usual overzealous campaigning by politicians and would-be-politicians during the forthcoming elections.  More importantly though, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, other members of her family and friends and of course members of the public can mourn and refl...

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Easter gfits for the homeless to share blessing of Christ's resurrection

Homeless people in Ilford were treated to a chicken roast dinner, Easter eggs and gifts on Saturday 3rd August. Around 40 local homeless people turned up to receive the hearty meals and seasonal extras.  We also shared a number of Gideon's bibles with 11 distributed that weekend. Our Meals for the homeless project is now over a year old but due to a decrease in volunteers since the lockdown has lifted we have made a decision to terminate the project.  The number of volunteer hours needed for the project is now simply beyond our capacity and we can no longer afford to run the project, which has a large number of associated costs. Our proje...

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Local Mosque joins BACA meals for the homeless project

The success of our Meals for the Homeless project has continually drawn in new partners.  Since the beginning of March the loscal mosque opposite our centre have begun a programme of supplying groceries for our foodbank visitors once a month.  Their donations have been heling us imrove the lives of families with local children and we hoe to continue this and other positive partnerships throughout the course of our operation. Sheikh Khalid, the Imam for the mosque, said: "I am grateful for the opportunity to work with British Asian Christian Association. "There work is very positive and has been changing the lives of many lo...

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Christmas lights in Chigwell Row for first time ever thanks to Hannah Chowdhry

For the first time ever Chigwell Row a small village in Chigwell has large public Christmas lights thanks to the efforts of British Asian Christian Association's teenage volunteer, Hannah Chowdhry. The lights were purchased and gifted to All Saints Church and put up by local volunteers, though Hannah and her friends also helped with installation and planning of the community launch day event, that was attended by over 100 socially-distanced people. One of the main features of the lights is a beautiful star that sits on the top of a tower flag mast pf the church.  This was lit on the first day of advent and was introduced to a loud rin...

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