Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Young inspiring teenager’s research into Ilford Homeless praised by Ilford Historical Society.

Hannah Chowdhry distributing meal boxes to homeless during first COVID-19 lockdown. Ilford Historical Society’s youngest ever research contributor could become a trigger for younger supporters of the group. A young former Ilford resident now residing in Chigwell was so inspired when she learnt about Ilford’s historical past in helping the homeless, whilst reading an Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell novel, that she conducted her own research into the town’s desperate vagrancy past. Hannah Chowdhry (16 yrs) was born in Ilford and attended Kantor King Solomon before the COVID-19 lockdown and now attends Davenant Foundation school near...

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Hepatology Team to use BACA premises to check and treat homeless people

Image of Juliet Chowdhry visiting homeless tents behind Ilford Library earlier this year. British Asian Christian Association is loaning it's office space to a Queens Hospital Hepatology team for a day to help inspect and treat the large number of homeless people visiting our centre for food. A team of medical staff from the local Hospital based in Romford will be conducting Hepatitis tests on homeless people that attend  our centre, on Thursday 5th November from 6pm.  The team from the Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust's programme to help vulnerable homeless people have chosen our centre due to the scale of ...

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Christmas lights and Nativity for first time ever at Chigwell Row

In previous years BPCA has led a Nativity project in Ilford but were very disappointed when in 2018 the figurines we purchased were smashed to pieces with baby jesus beheaded in a despicable act of vandalism. This year Hannah Chowdhry has decided to support the introduction of a Nativity and Christmas Lights for her new town of Chigwell. The disappointment of the smashed Nativity and the recent vandalism of a church building not too far away in Chadwell Heath, suggest that Ilford may not be the safest place for an outdoor Christian display (click here) Chigwell on the other hand is a quieter neighbourhood and so far Vicar Paula P...

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Homeless man without £1.50 implores Redbridge Council to waive £150 litter fine, given for throwing a previously discarded cigarette butt to the floor, after he retrieved the unused tobacco

Hannah Chowdhry thumbs down the Redbridge penalty fine while homeless man makes amends by clearing streets of cigarette butts. A homeless man who has been given a fine of £150 by Redbridge Council has become depressed and anxious fearing he will be put in prison for non-payment of his fine. The 46 year old man is a qualified martial arts instructor and professional web designer but has found himself homeless and unable to work due to a series of unfortunate incidents and loss of identification documents. He was helped into a housing programme by a charity based in Newham who connected him with Newham Council.  The Council relocat...

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BACA Meals for Homeless project returns to our community centre

BACA has returned to our community centre to serve food for the homeless.  We have reduced our days to 4 days a week with a hotmeals now being served from 6pm on  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Our Meals for the homeless project had taken place on the car park of the Prince of Wales Pub during the COVID-19 lockdown. But since the easing of lockdown measures on we have been back at Clementswood Community centre. To keep users and deliverers of the service safe we ask all visitors to wear masks and now provide free masks to those without.  We ask anyone entering the building to sanitize their hands and operate a one-way scheme.  Social ...

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Mayor of London's office plan COVID-19 recovery solutions for all minorities!

By Hannah Chowdhry On 30th June 2020, I was able to attend a zoom panel with the Deputy Mayor of London for 'Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement', Debbie Weekes-Bernard, as a volunteer for the BACA. We were invited to talk about how the Pakistani community has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The invite said: "We invite British Pakistani Christian Association to a discussion on impact of COVID-19 on the Pakistani Community and how City Hall can address this issue for your community as we develop responsive recovery plans post COVID 19. We would be delighted if your representative can join us and share y...

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Black men are being treated unfairly by London's police say's Youth Councillor on MOPAC Stop and Search Youth Reference Group.

Hannah Chowdhry an Essex and Redbridge Youth Councillor warns that black men are being treated unfairly by police stop and searches, as current police data reveals that searches of white and Asian men in London, has a higher yield of success.   The death of George Floyd, a 44-year-old Afro-American, while being arrested by Minneapolis Police was internationally condemned for the exhibited police brutality in videos, that were shared across social media. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee to the neck of Mr Floyd who was lying face-down and who was already handcuffed with his hands to...

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Former homeless people given furniture to fill empty rooms, as BACA reduces scale of homeless meals project while UK lockdown eases

British Asian Christian Association has begun to reduce its homeless provision in Redbridge since the announcement by the Government that the UK lockdown is easing. Already some people who had lost their jobs, as a result of the pressure of the pandemic, have begun to find work, which had reduced the number of visitors requiring our food.  Please watch the video below before you read on:   Whereas initially our morning collections had the larger attendance, we found that the numbers of visitors had reduced to around 15 people. With that in mind, and knowing that other homeless support establishments had begun to return to op...

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Image of Hannah Chowdhry serving food to financially hard up and homeless people, from the Prince of Wales Car Park in Ilford. 16-year-old Hannah Chowdhry cares passionately about making a difference to her community and during the Coronavirus Pandemic, she is on the frontline helping at a daily project to feed the homeless and vulnerable in Ilford, East London as the youngest volunteer for the British Asian Christian Association. Hannah interviewed on the BBC Hannah started volunteering at the Association’s food bank and “Meals for the homeless” project in January 2020, which included cooking meals for the rough sleepers, putt...

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BACA feed up to 65 people a day in Ilford and are helping NHS support those in self-isolation

The work of the British Asian Christian Association in Ilford has expanded to help a burgeoning number of needy people. We now provide a foodbank at 9am.  Alongside our foodbank we provide some hot meals prepared by Singh Sabha East London. We are also providing daily evening meals for the homeless and financially hard-up and are being helped by Rotary International who provide western meals five days a week, and from many local volunteers from a wide variety of faiths.  This includes Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and atheists and is bolstered by regular evening meals by Singh Sabha East London.  Our foodbank is supported...

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