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Though new to homeless help in Ilford, BACA takes a pivotal role during COVID-19

British Asian Christian Association has been planning and preparing for a 'Meals for the Homeless' project in Ilford for at least two years, but raising finance became an onerous task which caused delay. Our perseverance and belief that it was a calling from God has now been rewarded.  We now heading up three days of hot meals for the financially hard-up and homeless after a local Sikh Gurdwara, Singh Sabha London East based in Seven Kings, have offered the food they used to deliver themselves to us to distribute.  Moreover, Saint Peter's and Paul's Church on High Road Ilford who used to provide meals from the Cardinal Heenan are going ...

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Volunteer Hannah Chowdhry discovers how difficult it is to prepare for our regular work for the homeless

Hannah Chowdhry (16 yrs), our youngest regular volunteer for BACA was to have her GCSE's this year, however they have been postponed. On the day that she received notification that her GCSE exams were cancelled, she immediately decided to drop studying for her GCSE's and focused on her new A Level subjects instead, to gain some preparedness for when she joins her new school for sixth form. Bizarrely, her school only shared advice that she focuses on A level topics yesterday. Moreover they have only shared notes with students that help with the syllabus attached with their school. As Hannah is moving on to another school, she has had to do her own r...

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Our food bank continued operation during panic-buying thanks to generosity of local shops and schools.

British Asian Christian Association's local food bank in Ilford survived last week thanks to the generosity of a local bakers, who were forced to close down due to the pronouncement of a lockdown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Daile Bakes who are based on Plashet Road, East Ham, have been providing unsold cakes, bread, blocks of butter and cookies for distribution to our regular homeless and financially hard-up visitors to Clements Wood Community Centre.   The small gift was a welcome respite to local residents struggling to make ends meet normally but under extreme financial pressure during the outbreak of COVID-19. J...

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Heaven isn’t closed and God isn’t self isolating!

Frightened people have been soul-searching and looking for answers to the threat of COVID-19 across the country.  However with Churches throughout Britain being asked not to hold services on Sunday, many citizens of the UK are left with the dilemma of not being able to go to the usual bastion of peace and hope that is a natural go to when seeking some divine inspiration. We spoke to several Pastors across the country to see what was on offer to their local communities and what help local churches were doing in response to COVID-19. Revd Paula Preston who is Acting Team Rector to he Parish of Chigwell and Chigwell Row and The Vale of R...

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Community togetherness can overcome COVID-19

British Pakistani Christian Association is collaborating with Chigwell Row Residents Association and Reverend Paula Preston of All Saints Church, Romford Road, Chigwell on a number of projects to help retain community identity and provide support whatever COVID-19 measures are introduced. The outer wall of All Saints Church has already been decorated with a number of prayers for the 'Chigwell Row community, written by the congregation of the church. Reverend Paula will today be adding further cloths pinned by a ribbon and is inviting people from the community to add their messages and prayers to the church wall for the duration of the cur...

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BACA achieve 5 star food hygiene rating for homeless feeding centre!

BACA are proud to annouce that they have attained a level 5 during our food safety inspection.  An achievemnet that many professional restaurants would no doubt be proud of and an indication of the level of care we have put into maintaining the best and safest of conditions for our regular weekly homeless feed.  We may not be cordon bleu chefs but we sure cook a healthy dish!!! Hannah Chowdhry and her close friend Claudia of Jewish origins have been volunteering at our homeless feeding centre with wonderful results.  Despite being in the midst of GCSE's Hannah has committed several hours a week to the BACA and helped document our cur...

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Finally a food bank in Ilford's most deprived ward

Hannah at a collection of food at Collier Row Tesco Metro The most deprived ward in Ilford finally has a foodbank for it's residents.  The food bank which is held at Clementswood Commmunity centre cam about by complete accident.  While applying for food share via Fareshare a charity that reallocates donated food from Tescos, Asda and Aldi to name but a few of their partners, for a homeless feeding centre, British Asian Christian Association soon realised that donations from Tescoes Collier Row  were so large they were surplus to requirements.  Dorah Mayah (Trustee for the BPCA) and Bronagh Rigney of Fareshare ...

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Three stabbings in Ilford leave local people soul searching

Image taken outside Seven Kings Station only hours after the attack. An attack by one group of young Sikh men on another in Ilford left 3 dead corpses and a frightened community in its aftermath, making national news. frightened people assumed it was a gang-related incident, but the reality of the attack is that it was an alcohol-fuelled personal grudge between two groups of people with a financial argument. Juliet Chowdhry, who delivers her youngest child to one of the local Christian schools in the area has been providing advice and counsel to some of the affected communities. In particular one of the families that Juliet has been helping ...

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One free tuition for talented student or one with recognised learning difficulty suffering financial hardship in Ilford

Partnering with a group called Private Tuition Specialists, British Asian Association is offering a free tuition place to one child at our community centre every Wednesday for a year. We will fully sponsor the child's training at the centre for a family with a proven level of financial hardship. The offer will be based on either proven learning excellence or a learning difficulty. Private Tuition Specialists provide English and maths tuition for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE levels. They are passionate about providing tuition through bespoke teaching methodologies using specialist software, multi-sensory teaching strategies and structured pro...

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Homeless but not hopeless - our food centre is now reaching over 15 people!

15 homeless people joined our feeding centre on 6th February. Volunteers Juliet Chowdhry and Rajeshri Chouhan facing camera. Homeless people from across London are beginning to converge at Ilford at the BACA Feeding centre every Thursday, for food, prayer and TV! British Asian Christian Association has now been operating our homeless feeding centre since 23rd January 2020 and has seen a weekly increase in those attending after awareness of our gift has increased. The food centre however begun in a very unpleasant way when noone turned up at the inaugral event, even though we placed flyers across various feeding centres in Redbridge. After ...

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