Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Three stabbings in Ilford leave local people soul searching

Image taken outside Seven Kings Station only hours after the attack. An attack by one group of young Sikh men on another in Ilford left 3 dead corpses and a frightened community in its aftermath, making national news. frightened people assumed it was a gang-related incident, but the reality of the attack is that it was an alcohol-fuelled personal grudge between two groups of people with a financial argument. Juliet Chowdhry, who delivers her youngest child to one of the local Christian schools in the area has been providing advice and counsel to some of the affected communities. In particular one of the families that Juliet has been helping ...

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One free tuition for talented student or one with recognised learning difficulty suffering financial hardship in Ilford

Partnering with a group called Private Tuition Specialists, British Asian Association is offering a free tuition place to one child at our community centre every Wednesday for a year. We will fully sponsor the child's training at the centre for a family with a proven level of financial hardship. The offer will be based on either proven learning excellence or a learning difficulty. Private Tuition Specialists provide English and maths tuition for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE levels. They are passionate about providing tuition through bespoke teaching methodologies using specialist software, multi-sensory teaching strategies and structured pro...

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Homeless but not hopeless - our food centre is now reaching over 15 people!

15 homeless people joined our feeding centre on 6th February. Volunteers Juliet Chowdhry and Rajeshri Chouhan facing camera. Homeless people from across London are beginning to converge at Ilford at the BACA Feeding centre every Thursday, for food, prayer and TV! British Asian Christian Association has now been operating our homeless feeding centre since 23rd January 2020 and has seen a weekly increase in those attending after awareness of our gift has increased. The food centre however begun in a very unpleasant way when noone turned up at the inaugral event, even though we placed flyers across various feeding centres in Redbridge. After ...

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Teenagers celebrate 2020 at non-alcoholic teenage bar

Hannah Chowdhry and friend dancing at a 2020 celebration at the BACA Teenage Chill Out Lounge. Our teenage chill-out lounge is gaining popularity and at the last event on 14th Januaary 2020, over 20 teenagers enjoyed some fun and frolics in a supervised surrounding.  Our small hall has disco lights, a music box and even a new slush puppy machine which means revellers come to a place with an ambience of fun. Juliet Chowdhry, supervises the event with her daughter Hannah Chowdhry, who thought up the project and brought it to fruition.  Current visitors come from a range of diversities and we are seeing an increasing level...

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BACA to trial homeless feed at community centre with hope of future weekly provision

Image of some homeless people receiving prayer support, counselling and food at Redbridge Community Fayre, organised by BACA. For a while BACA have been planning to begin a regular feeding centre for the homeless of Ilford at our community centre. Plans have been thwarted due to a paucity of funds and suitable volunteers but we seem to have made some headway this year and are planning to begin the programme next Thursday. BACA first became aware of the major homelessness issue in Redbridge while organising the first Redbridge Easter Parade back in 2009.  While running the multi-church event in Ilford Town Centre we became acutely aware of...

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Community Christmas and New Years Eve Party chance to sow seeds of unity

A Community Christmas Party and New Years Eve Party was held for residents of Ilford close to our community centre, in order to dispel myths about Christianity and allow people to build new friendships while partaking in some traditional festivities. On 23rd of December we had a traditional Christmas meal not one that would usually be recognised in the UK where the western tradition of eating turkey and roast potatoes is prevalent.  BACA had decided that visitors would be treated to an Asian Christian meal of Chicken Biryani Rice, lamb curry and other Asian food.  The invitation was open to all the local community to attend and we were ha...

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Christmas cards at mosque to stimulate friendship, peaceful dialogue and share Gospel

Written by Ian Sleeper (centre of Image) a volunteer for  BACA"If there is one thing, I am determined to do, it is to reach Muslims for Christ."  Two years ago, I took the decision to stand outside our local Islamic prayer centre handing out Christmas cards in a bid to reach out to our local Muslim population in Ashford, Kent, trying to introduce Christmas into the lives of our local Islam worshippers. For the first year, I didn’t know what I was doing nor what to expect and rather nervously stood outside holding a box of Christmas cards, gingerly handing them out, to worshippers as they arrived and left the Friday afternoon prayer. My wife was coerced...

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Halloween Party leads to discussion on good v evil

A Halloween Party with a difference was held at Clementswood Community Centre on Friday 1st November.  The event was agreed by regular visitors to the British Asian Christian Association teenager Chill-out-lounge sessions, who sought a themed celebration of the historic festival.  Close to 20 teenagers attended BACA's Halloween Party during which a visit from the local police drew young people's attention to how to be better citizens. The Sparkz Chill Out lounge project is designed to link young people with charities, community groups and statutory services, while also providing a safe environment for young people to socialize and have fu...

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Community Citizenship promoted by new chill-out lounge for teenagers

Some of the teenagers and two of our adult volunteers during our soft launch in September- taken after event with parental permission. After a series of evenings at our Teenage Chill-out Lounge in Ilford  BACA will be organising a Halloween costume party for young people - at their request.   The lounge allows children to socialize in a safe adult-supervised environment and also provides an opportunity for charities, coummunity groups and leaders to share messages of hope and unity and to make young people aware of services available to them. During the Halloween party we hope to have a short talk from local police advi...

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Non-alcoholic Chill-out Lounge for teenagers launched in Ilford

On Friday 13th September 2019 Redbridge's first Non-alcoholic Chill-out Lounge will launch at Clementswood Community Centre on Connaught Road, Ilford.  The project itself was devised by volunteer Hannah Chowdhry (16 yrs) who was concerned about the lack of facilities for young people in the borough of Redbridge, especially ones that were 'relevant'. Hannah, said: "The project has been delayed due to lack of funding but we have managed to create a small kitchen at Clementswood Community centre and can use a small hall that will serve around 30 young people."Through contacts at my school I have been able to build up a small team of voluntee...

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