Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Laugh your way to confident English through revolutionary National English programme

BPCA wins contract to run Creative English - a national English language programme Migrant communities in Redbridge are being encouraged to sharpen up their English skills by talking their way into better language and communication. The courses which are to be free of cost and will mainly operate from Clementswood Community Centre, 14a Connaught Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 !RN will help students enhance their conversational abilities through inventive learning aids like word cards, puppets, props and encouraging them to engage in real-life-situation scenario based training. Creative English is a national community-based English language progr...

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Redbridge unity displayed at community fayre!

Friendship and togetherness was the theme for an event in Ilford Town Centre from 23d April - 28th April 2018. 'Stronger Together' were words written on a banner during a week of community cohesion - one the likes of which Redbridge has never seen before. The event was put on by the British Pakistani Christian Association and groups such as Ilford High Road Baptist Church, Albayan Welfare Cetre and Vishnu Hindu Parishad collaborated to share conversations with local people on faith and diversity. The event was the brainchild of Wilson Chowdhry who last year held a peace vigil after a series of terrorist attacks in ...

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Jesus takes centre stage at Ilford Town Hall

An 11 year campaign to return Jesus to the centre of Christmas celebrations in Ilford were brought to fruition when Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, installed a nativity at Ilford TownTown Hall on Tuesday 19th December 2017. Residents from Ilford swamped to take pictures of the new hand-painted fibreglass figurines which adorned the left tower of the historic town hall steps. For 5 years Mr Chowdhry has been leading a campaign for the return of the Nativity to the Ilford Town Hall after vandals destroyed the last one 16 years ago and the council refused to allow previous Christian groups to replace the former set At every pre...

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Bring Baby Jesus back to Redbridge

After vandals destroyed the last Christmas Nativity scene figures in 2001, Redbridge Council decided to terminate the annual expression of the Christian faith, removing the captivating reminder of the birth of Jesus, which is the very reason for the celebration of Christmas. The Council have instead chosen to focus on Christmas Trees and Santa as local celebrations of Christmas become increasingly commercial. However Churches of Redbridge have hit back and on a front page article in the Ilford Recorder this week (click here) demanded the return of the Nativity to the town hall steps, in order to preserve an ancient British custom and to revert to t...

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God's promise to be enacted out on Ilford High Road

For the first time in three years a collaborative Christmas Concert organised by the churches of Ilford is to take place in Ilford Town Centre.  The event that was driven by the passion of  Pastor Andrew Willis of Ilford High Road whose desire for a joining-up of local churches during one of the most important Christian events in the calendar, led him to have a discussion with Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association and chief organiser of Redbridge Easter Parade. The two of them set a date for the event for the 16th December, which is the penultimate Saturday before Christmas and they set about making the ...

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Redbridge's lack of counselling services leaves families shattered

The lack of solutions for women involved in domestic violence has triggered an Ilford based charity to initiate a free counselling service. When a local Pakistani Christian woman from Ilford sought assistance from local police after alcohol induced violence became a regular pattern in her family home, she learned that her efforts to create a safe and stable environment for their children began a unfortunate domino effect that resulted in more anguish for their fragile family.    After experiencing escalated violence, which was not present during the early first years of their marriage, the woman felt she had no choice but to legally se...

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Record-breaking baptism of teenager on 216th anniversary of Ilford church brings hope for future

A Baptist Pastor in Ilford has been jumping with joy over the exciting prospect that faces him over the next few days. Ilford High Road Baptist Church (IHRBC) which was the first free church in Ilford celebrates its 216th anniversary on Sunday. Ian Morris the church archivist described the history of the church, he said: "High Road as a church is 216 years old, the fellowship itself is a little older going back to 1796 when a  few men from London engaged two small rooms for nonconformist worship. "Two years later the fellowship meet in Mr Pratt's front room and it was on land that he owned the first chapel was built in 1801 being ...

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Christian 'Party in the park' event sows seeds of unity after London terrorist tragedies

Hundreds of people attended a 'Party in the Park' at South Park, Ilford that brought diverse people together during a day of fun, food and fellowship. The event which was held from 12pm - 3pm on Sunday 23rd July 2017,was organised by Ilford High Road Baptist Church based on the Corner of Green Lane and the High Road in Ilford.  Their main aim was to connect with local people and share the relevance of the Christian Gospel in modern times. During the 3 hour event local people were treated to sports such as football, and swingball with anyone welcome to participate. There were also games such as a giant connect 4, dominoes, Ludo, ...

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Children of all backgrounds learn true meaning of Easter while creating wonderful hats and banners for Easter Monday!

Children of all diversities have been busily creating Easter hats and banners to brighten up Redbridge Easter Parade which returns to the borough this Easter Monday.  Read Guardian story (click here) The workshops were held at Clementswood Community Centre over the half term holidays and continue to run every Saturday till 11th March 2017.  The sessions included short bible passage readings, to ensure participating children understood the true meaning of Easter. The bible accounts helped children to focus designs appropriate to the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ, as opposed to more commercial aspects of moder...

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Easter Parade returns to Redbridge after one year absence

British Pakistani Christian Association is pleased to announce that Redbridge Easter Parade is to return to our borough for 2017. Event:          Redbridge Easter ParadeDate:            Easter Monday 17th April 2017Venue:        Concert at Ilford Town Hall StepsTime:           12:00 - 19:00Activities:     Face painting, bouncy castle, Art workshops, Bible study tent, Bible bookstore, healing tent, prayer tent, drama, music, parade, commercial stalls. The event which is now considered the largest attended event in the borough with an attendance...

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