Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Dozens gather at Redbridge peace pole to pray for peace in London

Hundreds of multi-faith leaders and adherents visited the Redbridge Peace pole located on Riches Road (near Vine Church) to pay their respects for the many victims of teen knife crime from Redbridge and wider areas of London. The meeting was one of the many stops along the path of the Redbridge Multi-faith Peace walk which also included, the Holocaust Memorial Garden in Valentines Park, the Buddhist Vihara on Balfour Road, VHP Ilford Hindu Centre, Ilford Islamic Centre on Albert Road, Vine Church on Riches Road and Karamsar Gurdwara on the High Road. Participants for the walk have never before stopped at the Peace monument which was instal...

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BPCA leads open mic event at Gillett Square in Hackney

British Pakistani Christian Association was asked to help with a small community event in Dalston on Gillett Square which we organised for the 25th and 26th August 2018.  The Square has long been known for its trouble with violence and drugs and having seen some of our earlier work the square management team from Hackney Co-operative Developments (HCD) asked if we could lead a 'Unity Fest'. With few contacts in the area BPCA had to improvise and connected with groups such as 'Play to Learn UK', 4TY and Afrospot. At the event BPCA organised face-painting and some science experiment workshops from which participating children could create s...

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Pregnant mother of 5 now separated from her husband receives deplorable housing treatment from Redbridge Council

Waste collected at the house of Mrs X during one clean-up. A Pakistani Christian woman who had suffered several years of a brutal marriage and was forced to separate from her husband, has been given a notice of eviction from her council property after a landlord got tired of her complaints of anti-social behaviour, linked to the removal of a dilapidated fence. Mrs X states that the property was a peaceful haven until the landlord removed the dangerously broken fence after she urged  Wentworths who were agents for Redbridge council, to seek repair of the fence that had become unsafe following a hurricane in January 2016. Both Wentworths and the landlord stated t...

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Royal wedding event provides counselling to broken people and food to the homeless

British Pakistani Christian Association collaborated with Ilford High Road Baptist Church, Palm Tree Ministries and the East Ilford Betterment Partnership to organise a Royal wedding event to inspire the diverse communities in Redbridge and create some community cohesion. During our event we held a royal wedding meal on the first date which was held on the Monday after the wedding, then throughout the week we held a friendship centre where people came to shere some tea, coffee, cake and conversation. From the Saturday through to Bank Holiday Monday the event contained a bouncy castle, hennah painting and art workshops for the numerous children star...

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Ilford to hold a 'Right Royal Celebration'

Image of BPCA Queens Jubilee event in 2012 To celebrate the Royal wedding between Prince Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle people of Redbridge will be treated to a week-long celebration in Ilford Town Centre. From 21st - 28th May a big lunch will be set for people to come and go as they please. Tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes will be on offer and people will have an opportunity to come and rest their feet from their shopping or other travel through the town centre. Music from British artists will provide a somewhat soothing backdrop as local people get an opportunity to share their thoughts about the royal wedding or other matters of impor...

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Laugh your way to confident English through revolutionary National English programme

BPCA wins contract to run Creative English - a national English language programme Migrant communities in Redbridge are being encouraged to sharpen up their English skills by talking their way into better language and communication. The courses which are to be free of cost and will mainly operate from Clementswood Community Centre, 14a Connaught Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 !RN will help students enhance their conversational abilities through inventive learning aids like word cards, puppets, props and encouraging them to engage in real-life-situation scenario based training. Creative English is a national community-based English language progr...

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Redbridge unity displayed at community fayre!

Friendship and togetherness was the theme for an event in Ilford Town Centre from 23d April - 28th April 2018. 'Stronger Together' were words written on a banner during a week of community cohesion - one the likes of which Redbridge has never seen before. The event was put on by the British Pakistani Christian Association and groups such as Ilford High Road Baptist Church, Albayan Welfare Cetre and Vishnu Hindu Parishad collaborated to share conversations with local people on faith and diversity. The event was the brainchild of Wilson Chowdhry who last year held a peace vigil after a series of terrorist attacks in ...

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Jesus takes centre stage at Ilford Town Hall

An 11 year campaign to return Jesus to the centre of Christmas celebrations in Ilford were brought to fruition when Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, installed a nativity at Ilford TownTown Hall on Tuesday 19th December 2017. Residents from Ilford swamped to take pictures of the new hand-painted fibreglass figurines which adorned the left tower of the historic town hall steps. For 5 years Mr Chowdhry has been leading a campaign for the return of the Nativity to the Ilford Town Hall after vandals destroyed the last one 16 years ago and the council refused to allow previous Christian groups to replace the former set At every pre...

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Bring Baby Jesus back to Redbridge

After vandals destroyed the last Christmas Nativity scene figures in 2001, Redbridge Council decided to terminate the annual expression of the Christian faith, removing the captivating reminder of the birth of Jesus, which is the very reason for the celebration of Christmas. The Council have instead chosen to focus on Christmas Trees and Santa as local celebrations of Christmas become increasingly commercial. However Churches of Redbridge have hit back and on a front page article in the Ilford Recorder this week (click here) demanded the return of the Nativity to the town hall steps, in order to preserve an ancient British custom and to revert to t...

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God's promise to be enacted out on Ilford High Road

For the first time in three years a collaborative Christmas Concert organised by the churches of Ilford is to take place in Ilford Town Centre.  The event that was driven by the passion of  Pastor Andrew Willis of Ilford High Road whose desire for a joining-up of local churches during one of the most important Christian events in the calendar, led him to have a discussion with Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association and chief organiser of Redbridge Easter Parade. The two of them set a date for the event for the 16th December, which is the penultimate Saturday before Christmas and they set about making the ...

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