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Redbridge Christmas Festival


Let's celebrate the birth of Christ together.

For the first time in our borough's history Redbridge will host a Christmas Festival.  The event which celebrates one of the most important events in the Christian calendar takes place on the 23rd of December 2014.  A secular concert event including Bollywood dancing, guitar solos, rock bands and much more will begin from 12:00pm.  Acts include:

  • Si Genaro who performed on BBC's "The Voice."
  • Oobefuse
  • Latasha Sinclair Acro Dancer
  • D Style Dance (Bollywood Performers)
  • Dav Singh  (Punjabi Music)

From 2pm local churches will bring the true meaning of Christmas through worship songs, Christmas Carols, a nativity play and much more.  A prayer tent will be available and healing ministries so please come prepared to be spiritually uplifted.

There will also be some fun activities form children including art workshops and a Bollywood workshop. Participating churches include Gateway Church, ECF Tamil Church and Kingdom Ministries Urdu Fellowship.

If you would like a stall at our event (click here)

A collection will be made throughout the day that will support victims of Ebola.

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