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Succour for the Homeless


Image: Volunteer Rajeshri Chouhan with officer from Westminster Drug Project who regularly undertakes Lateral Flow Tests for COVID-19 with our visitors.

British Asian Christian Association announced the termination of our 'Meals for the Homeless' Project for the end of April and we came very close to terminating due to a lack of volunteers.

However after Al Bayan Welfare Centre (a local mosque), local churches and food businesses compelled us to continue and committed to providing food and free use of Clementswood Community Centre, we agreed to continue the work. 

Professionally cooked food prepared by local restaurants has made our work easier.

It seems the whole community realised how valuable a service we had been providing and simply did not want us to terminate.  It was for us a very important sign of support and thanks for what we have been doing.  We are already aware of the thanks from the homeless community as we have by far the largest turnout at our food events of any homeless meals provider locally.

The popularity of our service has seen us chosen for regular visits by Westminster Drug Project who provide counselling servuces for the homeless and another team of theirs who provide COVID-19 lateral flow tests and vaccinations at our events.  We are now also re-starting the Hepatolgy examinations for the homeless in conjunction with the NHS.

With less of a food preparation burden due to food being provided by volunteers and local restaurants we believe we can continue the service for a few more months but really need more local volunteers from near our distribution point in Ilford.  As always BACA have been able to bring a community together to resolve local issues.

If you would like to donate towards the costs for our homeless support please do pay using one of the options listed (here)

ummy healthy food is prepared by volunteers and restaurants.

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