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Teenager seeks Non-alcoholic bar to steer youngsters away from violent crime.


A teenager concerned about knife crime has asked people to support her in a project that would provide a welcome place for East London teenagers to meet, socialise and 'address personal problems together', under a safe supervised environment.

Watch Hannah live on Premier Christian Radio with Presenter :Mary Rodrigues:     

Hannah Chowdhry, wrote a letter to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and and PM Theresa May earlier this year, which received personal responses from both of them.  In this letter she refered to her roles as both an Essex and Redbridge Youth Councillor and shared the contents of a survey she took with over 30 young people across the two constituencies she represents. Since the letter she is now also present on The Mayor of London's Police and Crime Youth Reference Panel.

Hannah presided over a successful Yoth Violence summit at Ilford High Road Baptist Church on Saturday 6th April at which the Metropolitan Police launched a video that had been prepared by yong police cadets in the wake of the murder of a friend (click here).

Hannah has also spoken at the Redbridge Peace Monument installed at the location that teenager Kashif Mahmood was killed in 2006 (click here), and even contributed peace designs to the monument when a young child with other local youngsters (click here)

Hannah Chowdhry is planning to help initiate a non-alcoholic bar for teenagers at Clementswood Community Centre in the heart of the most deprived ward in Ilford. The project is to be sponsored by the British Pakistani Christian Assocation and will provide an interface between teenagers and local community groups, statutory services and charities through short evening presentations. The total cost for the project is £24,000 for one year and we are seeking donations towards this. If you would like to donate please (click here)

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