Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Help for the persecuted church and others‏

Our charitable work has provided much needed resources at the time of greatest need, for many victims. We list a few below:

After a Christian community called "St Joseph's community" was attacked in the 2011, the BPCA were the first to react. We provided food, water and medial provisions to over 200 victims.  Home restoration grants enabled families to return their damaged residences to a liveable condition. Many of the villagers took to living in forests in makeshift homes to escape the violence triggered by a false blasphemy charge, we encouraged the return of these families to their homes through counselling and support.

After the December 2013 twin bomb attack to a church in Peshawar, again the BPCA were the first to react, securing a £5000 grant from "Elim Churches Commission" and a raft of other donations, we provided replacement limbs, wheelchairs, medicines and medical care, mattresses for victims sleeping on floors and much need food and drink. With over 100 fatalities ofetn main bread winners, families could no longer pay for the children to go to educational establishments. The BPCA met this need and paid annual fees, travel costs and purchased books and stationary for a number of victims.

When a church in Mardan was razed to the ground in 2011 during the riots associated with the movie release "Innocence of Muslims," BPCA provided new Sunday school material to children and provided food and drink to families that had been ousted out of their homes. replacement clothes and grants towards house restoration were provided to those in need.

In 2009 our first year of operation eight BBC local radio stations helped launch our appeal to support Christian flood victims, who were being told to convert to Islam or die, by local charities.. Food, medical supplies, clothing and other necessities were being retained from Christians as a lever for proselytising victims to the Islamic faith. Via a studio in London, Wilson Chowdhry our director was able to challenge local communities up and down the country and was able to raise close to £4000 that was used to provide, food parcels, clothing and medical supplies to suffering victims.