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Court refuses absence of Nabeel Masih from court despite fears for his safety


Nabeel Masih (now 20 yrs) Pakistan's youngest ever blasphemy victim was released from prison on 18th of March after being kept in Kasur District Jail for more than four years.  Read more (here)

Nabeel a few days before he was arrested.

Since being taken to a BACA safe house he has shared his awful experience living in solitary confinement at the hands of jail officers.  As he broke into tears he has recounted his desperate conditions:

"I was kept in complete isolation - nobody was allowed to speak to me.

"Even prison staff who would bring me food were told not to speak to me and they did not.

"Food was bland and tasteless, it was almost always cold and served only twice a day.

"Friday's was a special day when my family were able to visit - they never failed.

"They would bring homemade food in large amounts - it was the only time I ate well.

"I suffered verbal and physical abuse, malnourishment, poor health and complete loneliness.

"Without God, I would not have made it this far."

Nabeel has been suffering with painful Lipomas which developed whilst he was in prison.  He is in need of medical attention to remove the pain and check for the potential for a cancerous infection.  Read more (here)

Kasur District Court has already fixed three dates for hearings during last week. The first on 22nd Mrach, the second on 25th March and the third on 29th of March. Though the court and local police authorities are well aware of the sensitivity of the current acquittal proceedings they are miraculously setting frequent hearings in a short space of time, in what woukld seem to be an attempt to have Nabeel killed.  Moreover, local police have provided littel support or protection for the trips to the court.  Instead the onus has been on BACA to provide an adequate level of security and secrecy to protect the young 20 frightened 20 year old.

On 22nd March, Advocate Naseeb Anjum filed an application in the court of Judge Munaza Asim and appealed for the absence of Nabeel from court on the basis of the case sensitivity. Mr Asim instead of accepting the application, has ordered to move the case to District Courts Pattoki into the hometown area of Nabeel Masih, in what looks at an attempt to increase the risk to his life. There is no other reason for such a ruling that could justify such a travesty of justice.

After the hearing, Naseeb Anjum, said:

“She has not answered my appeal and if the case is moved to Pattoki District Courts , it would pose extra danger to poor Nabeel’s life”

Travelling with Nabeel to Kasur district courts is not safe and taking him to Pattoki would be even more dangerous.  Nabeel has often shivered with fear when in court and on the extrenal grounds as he enters, where numbers of people gather to threaten and intimidate him led by the complainants counsel. Such hatred towards such a young man who is innocent makes no sense to people of good conscience, but good consience seem to be lacking amongst the visitors to the court.

On 25th March the complaint’s counsel appeared before the court along with other muslim lawyers of the court, all of whom oppose the release of Nabeel. A crowed of the complaint’s party was also present in the court. The constant harassment that Nabeel was receiving was very rarely curbed by the Judge or other court officials and police.  Often times it seemed as the whole court were revelling at the discomfort and anxiety exhibited by Nabeel Masih. 

Today on 30th of March 2021, Judge Munaza Asim confirmed that the proceedings will now move to Pattoki court.  A devastating blow to Nabeel, Naseeb Anjum and BACA.  We are increasing the level of security for Nabeel and will only be reporting on court hearings after an event as we have been doing. 

Joel Kyari, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

"I am extremely concerned for the safety of Nabeel Masih.

"This innocent young man is being ignored by Pakistani authorities.

"His life is in great peril and strong voices from the west must intervene to protect his life.

"Please if you read this post contact your local Memebr of Parliament, Congressman, Senator or Lord and ask them to intervene to bring some safety back into this situation."

British Asian Christian Association is working with a number of blasphemy law victims and needs your help to support them through difficult legal battles, to support them and their families against those who mean them harm, to help with mediacl costs and to cover many necessary security costs.  If you are moved to help please explore the range of donation options (here).

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