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Excerpt from the book targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan "Christian child burnt alive"


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Excerpt from the targeting of minority 'others' in Pakistan 

Terrorisation of Christian communities has taken place for a number of decades. Minority Rights International confirms that “there have been continuous reports of attempts forcibly to convert Christians to Islam. Christian and Hindu religious leaders and places of worship have come under attack, and followers of these religions face threats and intimidation. In May 2007”, to cite another example, “in Charasadda, in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Christians were warned that if they do not convert to Islam, they would be killed. They were also warned that their places of
worship will be attacked ... A 7 year old Christian child was burnt alive along with 5 five others and many more injured in an arson attack in Punjab on 1st August 2009”.cxxxvi The Christian Bishop, Arif Khan, and his wife were murdered in Islamabad in August 2007 and “in the same month, websites promoting religious freedom and Christian news websites reported that Christians in Peshawar, the capital of the North West Frontier Province, were asked to convert to Islam or face death. Seven churches and five Christian settlements received the threatening letters ... Minority political rights were also under threat in the province.

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