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Record-time for first Pak-Christian DofE Bronze award winner through Jewish Group


A Jewish youth charity has praised the effort of a Pakistani Christian girl of 14 who completed her Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award sections within 6 months, which is the minimum period required for the prestigious DofE programme.

Hannah Chowdhry, a Redbridge student at Kantor King Solomon School, had been working on her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award since November and was the first Redbridge participant of the 2018 applicants with the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade (JLGB) to have completed her programme, which on average takes at least twice the time to fulfil.

This is the fastest possible time to complete the DofE and Hannah joins an elite group of just over 3% of participants who go from enrolment to assessment within 8 months.

Marsha Kay, JLGB’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Administrator, said:

"This is a remarkable achievement. JLGB have helped 1098 successful candidates to complete their DofE since the online system started in 2008.
Hannah now becomes one of only 34 candidates to have her Bronze DofE sections ratified in 8 months which is a testament to her drive and ambition.
Hannah is notably our first Pakistani Christian to be certified on the programme and we wish her every success for the future.”

Supported by the Pears Foundation, the JLGB has increased Jewish participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award by 400% in Jewish faith schools, with over 4,000 Jewish young people from across the UK signing up in the last 5 years.

JLGB offer a unique and faith sensitive provision (such as Kosher and Sabbath friendly expeditions) directly delivered across all Jewish secondary schools as well as synagogues, youth and community groups, ensuring the entire Jewish community can take part in the DofE, including adapted programmes for those with physical or learning disabilities.

Hannah Chowdhry, said:

"My journey through the DofE programme with JLGB has been very rewarding, I have learned many new skills including business administration, accounting and international humanitarian aid through the many volunteer roles I have undertaken, while completing my award.

"I also feel that two day expedition and football course I took for my physical development has improved my fitness and endurance levels.”

She added:

"JLGB advisors were extremely helpful throughout the course and it was a privilege for me to work with such an experienced and knowledgeable group. Their input was invaluable -without them many of the aspects of the course would have been difficult to navigate through.

"I hope to complete my silver award with their help - there is no better partner to work with."

Set up by The Duke of Edinburgh himself over 60 years ago, taking part in the DofE gives young people independence, a sense of achievement, self-confidence, leadership & teamwork skills and is highly regarded by universities and employers – often the first thing looked for on UCAS forms and CVs. For more information, see www.jlgb.org/dofe.

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