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The targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan "Muzaffar Bhutto"


Excerpt from the targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan ( Graphic text)

Security forces, including Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, were implicated in a number of gruesome murders and disappearances of political activists from nationalist parties and ‘suspected insurgents’. As an Amnesty International report noted: “Muzaffar Bhutto, a senior member of a Sindhi nationalist political party in Pakistan, was found dead on 22nd May 2011, after being allegedly abducted by plain- clothed intelligence agents and police on 25th February 2011. Amnesty International calls for the killing to be investigated and the perpetrators to be brought to justice. Muzaffar Bhutto was the General-Secretary of Jeay Sindh Muttaheda Mahaz (JSMM), an ethnic Sindhi nationalist party. He was found dead on 22nd May in Bukhari village, near Hyderabad city in Sindh province. On 25th February 2011, he was allegedly abducted by plain-clothed intelligence agents and police in Hyderabad city, Sindh province. Witnesses said around 20 men in plain clothes came out of unmarked cars and detained Muzaffar Bhutto at gunpoint. He was not seen again until his dead body was recovered. His body was reportedly found stuffed in a gunny bag, bearing torture marks with two bullet wounds, one to the head and one to his chest. The manner of Muzaffar Bhutto’s abduction, and the dumping and condition of his body fits a consistent and repeated pattern of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions of political activists and suspected insurgents by Pakistan’s security forces including its intelligence agencies”

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